Toyota Connect

As the auto industry moves towards more integrated technology in vehicles, Toyota is no exception. Toyota and Amazon's Alexa are teaming up to bring Amazon's voice assistant into a select number of vehicles manufactured by the Toyota Company.

This is a partnership of two huge companies, which have a significant impact in their respective industries. The goal is to bring state of the art technology to Toyota drivers using the voice assistant created by Amazon. With the voice recognition already created, it only makes sense for Amazon and Toyota to partner to create an excellent voice recognition system for Toyota vehicles.

The technology will be available starting in 2018 in some Toyota models and Lexus that are equipped with infotainment software and will expand further into the Toyota lineup for 2019.

Drivers will be able to use the Alexa system familiar in many homes to get directions, choose a radio station, hear the news, or even add items into a shopping cart for purchase all by voice command. Alexa is a popular voice recognition software program used in homes to play music, make purchases and to do research on the internet. Now drivers will have the same capabilities while traveling.

Toyota owners will be able to experience driving with the capabilities of Amazon Alexa helping you navigate to your next destination, change channels hands-free and enjoy this advanced technology that will now be available in select Toyota vehicles.

To learn more about Amazon Alexa coming to Toyota, head on over to Camelback Toyota and talk with one of our professional sales staff. With Alexa, hands-free navigation and easy access to the internet is just the start of how Alexa will revolutionize internet technology in Toyota vehicles.

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