5 Fun Facts about Toyota Electric Vehicles

Toyota Prius Prime

An electric vehicle is driven by one or more electric motors using the energy of batteries which are rechargeable. Toyota has one of the major product lines for electric vehicles. In later years, the production of electric vehicles has taken a renaissance with the advance in battery parts, concern about the price and the economic side of oil drilling, and the effect of gas emissions on the environment. With all that said, here are five fun facts about electric vehicles that you might or might not know about yet.

1. Electric vehicles have been around for longer than some might imagine. The first vehicles running on electricity were first produced in the 1880s and were popular up until the early 20th century. After that, the cheaper gasoline vehicles and the improvements in internal combustion engines led to the fall of electric vehicle manufacturing. At one point in time, all the taxis in New York were running on electricity.

2. Recharging an electric vehicle takes some time. Using a 120-volt outlet can charge the vehicle for several days. With a 240-volt charging station, the charging can take between 1 and 4 hours. There are fast charges for 30 minutes that can fill the battery by 80% at a higher cost of charging.

3. Electric car batteries are mostly lithium batteries. Most of the world's lithium comes from Chile, Bolivia, other South American countries, China, and Australia.

4. Batteries can be used until all the electricity in them is used up. Refilling before this happens is important so the car does not leave its passengers on the road. Charging is best done overnight so the battery lasts longer. Charging during the night is done with a normal electric outlet.

5. Electric cars have many benefits including less air pollution, quiet running, and a lower operating cost. Their technology is developed for a longer time and the vehicle has fewer parts which make it long lasting.

Buying an electric vehicle is an investment that pays off in time. If you want more information on Toyota electric cars and how they operate, visit your local Camelback Toyota dealer in Phoenix.

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