How to Use the Toyota Smart Key System?

Smart Key

Meet The Toyota Smart Key System

The Toyota Smart Key system is a way to control many of the major features of your Toyota remotely and from the palm of your hand. The idea behind the Smart Key is that people's time is precious and so anything that saves them time during their busy day is a piece of technology worth having. With Smart Key, you can control the functions of your vehicle, freeing up more time for other preparations you might want to make for your journey. Perhaps the most convenient feature of Smart Key is that you can start your vehicle remotely, giving you the ability to warm up your car in the winter or to cool it down in the summer. Smart Key will be added to more Toyota models, adding to the several models already with the system.

How To Use The Toyota Smart Key System

The Toyota Smart Key features buttons that lock your doors, unlock your doors, starts your vehicle, or activates panic. And with those four primary functions, your day just got a lot easier.

  • Start/Stop: When it's time to start or stop your vehicle, the Smart Key will be your ticket to freedom. You can start the vehicle when you're within a certain proximity to it, giving you the freedom to fire up your Toyota before you even get behind the wheel. Gone are the days of having to put a key into the ignition.
  • Lock/Unlock doors: There's no need to insert a key in order to lock or unlock the doors now. You simply press the button on your Smart Key. Done!
  • Panic button: The panic button remains an important safety feature for both car and driver, so it's nice to see it included in the Smart Key system. They've really thought of everything here.

Toyota didn't leave out folks who might at some point experience a dead Smart Key. If your Smart Key dies, there's a way to use the start/stop ignition button on the Smart Key holder (usually located in the center console, but sometimes located in the glove box on certain models). That leaves you with plenty of options to use your Smart Key or not use your Smart Key depending on what situation you're facing with the Smart Key functionality.

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