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Toyota Stop & Start Engine System is an advanced drivetrain technology introduced in North America during the 2017 model year. It improves the operational efficiency of vehicles by turning off the engine when a vehicle stops, then restarting the engine when acceleration is required. This introduction solved operational issues other car makers could not address, so the smoother-running mechanism took these systems one step ahead.

How Auto Start & Stop Works

The Start & Stop Engine System works by stopping the engine whenever the vehicle reaches 0 mph and the brake pedal is depressed. When released, the engine restarts and the vehicle accelerates normally. This reduces fuel consumption, especially in high-traffic situations where stops are longer than normal. The key is for the system to operate smoothly and enable the driver to stop and accelerate upon demand. Even when the engine stops, all other safety and other systems function normally. The Multi-Information Display (MID) displays a unique icon when the engine is off. Because of the system’s quiet operation, drivers will always know if the engine is running or not.

How To Turn Off Auto Start & Stop

The Stop & Start Engine System is, by default, always on. However, there may be certain situations when it is inconvenient for it to operate. For example, drivers may desire to have the engine run constantly when towing or to ensure the air conditioning system continues running on hot days. In these and other cases, Toyota has made it simple to disable the Stop & Start Engine System. The driver pushes the Off button located on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel. The system reactivates when the button is pressed again or the vehicle is restarted.

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