Toyota Nightshade

Get Ready For Blacked Out Style

Toyota's Nightshade editions of popular models promise to sweep away the competition with blacked-out features that somehow manage to shine. It's dark. It's mysterious. It's luxurious. When Toyota fans heard about the news, they were ecstatic, but the questions soon followed. What features can we expect from Nightshade editions and which models are going to have this option available? Exactly when are these new Nightshade editions going to be road-ready and rolled out from Toyota? Finally, Toyota got around to answering some of those questions, and they've even rolled out the Toyota 4Runner Nightshade edition in the meantime.

4Runner's Nightshade Already Here

The word on the street is that Nightshade editions from Toyota will feature Nightshade enticing black wheels, Nightshade accents, and badging. For example, the 4Runner Nightshade is already on the streets right now. Its 20" black alloy wheels contrast beautifully with the bumper's chrome accents. It's an appearance package that few people would want to do without on many Toyota editions. Folks who love the blacked outlooks of today's modern cars are going to love what Toyota has done with their Nightshade line. Colors vary on Nightshade editions, too. For example, the 4Runner comes in your choice of Blizzard Pearl, Midnight Black Metallic, and Magnetic Grey Metallic. The Toyota Highlander and Camry promise to me next in line to get the Nightshade treatment.

What's Next?

Modern vehicles benefit from blacked-out treatments, as they make an already impressive vehicle stand out even more with blacked-out details, such as black alloy wheels, and chrome accents that contrast against the darkness of the other features. Sure, it's just an appearance package, but for some people, the best part of a Toyota vehicle is the appearance. You want an SUV or sedan that stands out from the others, something bold and memorable. No one wants a boring SUV going along the road, and few would argue that the 2019 Toyota 4Runner Nightshade is anything close to boring. In fact, it's going to outdo many of those other appearance packages that you find from other automakers. The Camry and Highlander will make their blacked-out appearance sometime in late 2019, and fans can get ready to cheer. From what we've seen of the chrome-accented Highlander, it's one of the most impressive appearance packages on the road today, a true testament to Toyota's inventiveness and artistry in 2019.