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Before winter begins, you must prepare your vehicle for harsh weather conditions such as deep snow, low temperatures and slippery ice. Fortunately, automobile technicians offer these tips for making sure that your automobile is ready for winter this year.

Winter Automobile Preparation Tip 1: Check Your Vehicle’s Antifreeze

It is essential to make sure that your vehicle has enough antifreeze to keep the engine warm during the winter. During the summer, this fluid is considered a coolant, so you may have a container of this substance already. In most cases, you can see the antifreeze level in your vehicle by looking at the clear container that is located next to the engine. The antifreeze should be at the full level line, but if the antifreeze is a strange color, then you may want to drain and change it. You can take your vehicle to a mechanic to have the antifreeze changed in only a few minutes.

Winter Automobile Preparation Tip 2: Check the Pressure in the Tires

You should have a gauge to check the pressure in your vehicle’s tires. To understand the proper amount of air to have in your vehicle’s tires, look at the owner’s manual or read the label on the inside of the driver’s door. You can use a store-bought air pump at home to fill your vehicle’s tires, but there are also tire pumps available at most gas stations. Make sure to bring along some change because air pumps typically require quarters to make the devices operational.

Winter Automobile Preparation Tip 3: Examine the Hoses and Belts

Checking your vehicle’s hoses and belts can prevent a problem while you are driving during the winter. Open your automobile’s hood before stabilizing it with the provided support bar. Look at the belts and hoses to see if the items look discolored or damaged. Use your fingers to check the hoses and belts for cracks or holes, but make sure to have a paper towel for cleaning the greasy debris from your hands afterward. If you notice a problem with the belts or hoses, then you must have the items replaced right away.

Winter Automobile Preparation Tip 4: Install New Wiper Blades

You will need to use the wiper blades on your vehicle more during the winter to remove the ice or snow that collects overnight. It is easier to replace the wiper blades before it is cold outside, so you should buy new wiper blades at a store. It is vital to buy the right size of wiper blades, and your owner’s manual will contain this information, or you can look in a book that is located in the store’s automotive department. Some automotive stores have employees who will change your wiper blades for you when you buy the items at the store.

Winter Automobile Preparation Tip 5: Have the Oil Changed

You should have your vehicle’s oil changed before winter, and there are mechanics who offer this service. Bring along your owner's manual to determine what type of oil is recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. During an oil change, the oil filter is also changed, and the mechanic will often check the other fluids for you as part of the service. Most experts believe that you should have a vehicle's oil changed every three months, so you should plan to replace the oil again before winter ends.

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