Technology in the auto industry improves constantly. Therefore, it may not be surprising that the car you own can log up to 200,000 miles or even more with the right care! Regardless of make and model, many vehicles on the road today will last a long time due to advancements in parts, technology, and overall quality. Additionally, some vehicles are built to last longer than others.

However, just because a vehicle is predicted to last a long time doesn't mean you can neglect the car's care. The caveat is that vehicles will last longer with the right care. If you're hoping to get a dependable vehicle or keep yours on the road for as long as possible, we have some advice to help you out.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are one of the most important types of service your vehicle can have. Furthermore, it's one of the most frequent services required for regular maintenance. The average schedule for an oil change is once every 5,000 miles. Some cars may need to have oil changes more frequently, while others can go for 6,000 miles or more. A precise schedule for your vehicle's oil change can be found in the owner's manual. No matter when the car needs service, it is important to stick with the recommended schedule to avoid engine problems.

Tire Rotations and Alignment

The tires on your vehicle take a beating from constant travel. Having the tread and pressure levels checked periodically is a critical part of vehicle care. A mechanic can also examine the alignment to see if it needs to be adjusted. The tires should be rotated at least twice a year. They should be checked and aligned following a seasonal change of tires, too.

Regular Maintenance

Toyota Camry

All vehicles need regular maintenance to perform at their peak performance. Many car owners are aware that maintenance is essential. But did you know that servicing your vehicle on time is just as important as routine maintenance? A mechanic can spot problems with your car when you bring it in for regular service before they become major issues. New cars often get a quick check-up at 15,000 miles. Older vehicles will be due for comprehensive service at 30,000 miles and about every 30,000 miles afterward. If it's time for a service appointment, don't hesitate to give us a call, and we will gladly schedule service at your convenience.

If your vehicle needs service, be sure to contact us today for quality care and attention.