Toyota Vehicles  

If there's one word that you associate most with Toyota, "reliable" may very well be it, and for a good reason. Over the years, Toyota has earned a reputation for producing some of the most reliable and durable cars on the market. If you are looking for a vehicle that will last, chances are good a Toyota is at the top of your mind. Besides consumer reviews, experts have also concluded that Toyota's vehicles are superior in their reliability ratings. Consumer Reports, for instance, has given Toyota one of the top reliability ratings on the market. But it's not just a coincidence that Toyota's vehicles are consistently reliable across the board. The brand intentionally takes time to develop reliable and economical cars.

Toyota Doesn't Rush

One of the main reasons that Toyota's vehicles are so reliable is that the brand takes the time to perform extensive and meticulous research and product testing before it adds new technology features and amenities to its cars. In contrast, many automakers compete to be the first to bring a new technology feature to market. However, Toyota wants to make sure that the parts it is adding to its cars will last and make consumers happy customers rather than breaking down or encountering problems down the road. Most importantly, Toyota takes the time to ensure that the products installed on its vehicles are safe for drivers and their passengers.

Toyota Driving

Low Cost of Ownership

Several factors go into a car's total cost. One is the sticker price, which is what you pay when you initially buy the vehicle. But there are other costs associated with owning a car that contributes to its overall cost, including expenses related to service and maintenance. Toyota's cars are well-built and designed to have a comparatively low repair price when parts are required, making them have a low total cost of ownership compared to other brands.

Focus on Form

Some vehicles are intentionally made with high-end and expensive components. However, those parts can be difficult and costly to repair and replace. On the other hand, Toyota builds its vehicles with practical components that are both affordable and economical. Toyota's goal is to maximize value for the consumer, which translates to creating cars made to hold up well over time.

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