Phoenix Dream Center  

The Phoenix Dream Center is a local organization dedicated to helping children get the assistance and resources they need to have a better life. From working to end human trafficking to combating childhood hunger, the Phoenix Dream Center provides a pathway for vulnerable youth to bring them the education and support they need to emerge as leaders and confident adults.

What Is the Phoenix Dream Center?

The Phoenix Dream Center is an organization located in Phoenix, AZ. The nonprofit organization was founded in 2002 to end human trafficking, childhood hunger and provide education for tomorrow's leaders. The organization uses community engagement outreach strategies and residential recovery programs to help carry out its mission. Volunteers mostly staff Phoenix Dream Center, and it even has virtual volunteer programs.

Today, the Phoenix Dream Center plays an active role in improving the lives of at-risk children and homeless families living in the Phoenix area. When the organization was first founded, its outreach scope included delivering a handful of grocery bags and essential supplies each week to qualifying local families and individuals. Fast forward to the present, and the Dream Center now delivers upwards of 14,000 meals every week to abolish childhood hunger. Along with reducing local hunger problems, the Phoenix Dream Center also plays an active role in fighting drug addiction within the city's communities. Since it was founded, the Center has created recovery programs that have helped more than 1,000 people each year overcome their drug addictions and embark on a path to recovery. The Dream Center's residential programs also support victims of human trafficking by giving them a safe place to live and the chance to focus on healing. The organization supports more than 100 victims annually through its full-service residential behavioral facilities.

Community Engagement

The Phoenix Dream Center has several community outreach programs and community members' opportunities to become involved to carry out its mission. Occasionally, the organization hosts special events and conducts outreach activities to raise awareness of the Phoenix Dream Center and its core concerns. Some examples of its special events are the Stop Traffic Walk, the Human Trafficking Art Walk, and a special Gala that includes a "Night of Dreams" dinner and an accompanying awards ceremony.