Car Oil Types

The type of oil to use is not always an easy decision to make, and Camelback Toyota is here to ensure you have the information and resources needed. What type of oil is best for your specific Toyota? Should you use traditional oil, a synthetic type, or something entirely different? Regardless of the model year of your Toyota, choosing the right one makes the difference in engine performance, fuel economy and impacts the longevity of your cars' engine.

Conventional Oil

The most common type of oil and one that most car owners are aware of is conventional motor oil. Because the purpose of oil is to lubricate internal engine parts, conventional oil is a good choice for low-mileage drivers. While it doesn't prevent oil sludge as aggressively as higher quality oils, conventional oil provides sufficient nutrients to eliminate moisture and impurities from wreaking havoc on an engine. Although the oil is lower in price, the cost-benefit is considerably weaker than a higher viscosity type of oil.

Fully Synthetic Oil vs. Semi-synthetic Oil

In most cases, using fully synthetic oil is ideal when recommended to do so by the automaker. Either way, the oil is considered to be not only very safe but an ideal way to decrease engine residue and sludge. The main benefit of using fully synthetic oil is an engine that lasts longer and produces the best performance during its lifespan.


Semi-synthetic oil, also referred to as synthetic blend, is often a choice because of its unequal mixture of synthetic oil and mineral oil. With its lower resistance to extremely high temperatures, semi-synthetic oil does not have a very high threshold to prevent it from breaking down like fully synthetic oil does. Still, either choice gives better engine protection for those who drive more than 10,000 a year.

High Mileage Oil

How many miles are currently on the odometer of your Toyota? Are you in the 100,000-mile or 200,000-mile club or somewhere in-between? If your Toyota fits into either category or is heading that way, a high mileage oil may be a beneficial choice. Primarily, this type of oil benefits vehicles that have more than 75,000 miles because it helps to reduce emissions output. Additionally, the oil includes special seal conditioners, which reduce the chances of an oil leak occurring.

Would you like more information on the above options to decide which one is best for your Toyota? Visit our dealership or contact our service center. Our service advisors will provide additional information and help you make the right decision!

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