At Camelback Toyota, there are tons of brand new vehicles with navigation systems, touch screens, and Bluetooth capabilities. What if you could be connected to a live person to assist you 24 hours a day/365 days a year? If you're interested in convenience and style, look no further. There are tons of Toyota vehicles equipped with Destination Assist, a built-in program to help you find your way from Point A to B in just seconds.

People tend to get easily frustrated with technology as it gets more complicated as time goes on, but Destination Assist has successfully made navigating a lot easier. With a live person on call 24 hours a day, you'll feel safe knowing someone from Toyota is just a click away. You can enter your vehicle, go to Menu and Destination on the screen, and activate Destination Assist. Here is where a live person answers and asks where you would like to go. Once you respond, the person at the information center will tell you how far away you are in miles and start your navigation process through your built-in GPS.

Destination Assist works for people with busy lives and no time to deal with Bluetooth devices and searching/navigating on a smartphone. In addition to the speed and convenience of this navigation process, it's also a lot safer to drive while navigating because you don't have to type anything into the GPS. You can safely keep your eyes on the road.

Camelback Toyota's lot has multiple brand new Toyotas that come equipped with this program, so if you have questions or would like to see how Destination Assist works for yourself, there are people there waiting to help. The program is included when buying these vehicles automatically. With Toyota having new trucks, SUVs, and sedans in stock every day, odds are you will find the car for you. What better way to drive than to know there's always someone on the line to assist you?